Nearly two decades after transforming the industry with the world’s first luxury hybrid electric vehicle, we’re building upon this legacy of progress with the next chapter of electrified mobility. Where you’ll experience electrified vehicles that are distinguished by the same driver-inspired craftsmanship, thrilling performance, and intuitive technology that have always set Lexus apart. Supported by an expansive dealer network that’s world-renowned for its unrivaled care and unparalleled expertise. Because while anybody can make an electric vehicle, only Lexus can make an electrified Lexus.


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Seamlessly combines a self-charging electric powertrain and a gasoline engine to offer impressive efficiency and instantaneous torque off the line, all without having to plug in.

Available models: UXh, NXh, RXh, ESh, LCh, LSh

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Data shows 85% of one-way vehicle trips are 15 miles or less. A Lexus PHEV combines the benefits of all-electric driving during shorter trips like these with the peace of mind of a gas-powered engine during longer trips.

Available models: NXh+

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Never fill up again. Powered by long-range battery packs, these fully electric vehicles deliver breathtaking acceleration, exhilarating all-wheel drive agility, and can be charged with a standard household GFCI outlet* or installed higher-speed (Level 2) charger.

Available models: RZ (arriving early 2023)




With best-in-class 42-MPG combined EPA estimate (FWD),* available electronic all-wheel drive*, and a driver-focused cockpit with our most advanced connectivity technology, the UX 250h is always ready for the unexpected.



Featuring a platform designed for enhanced performance, an EPA-estimated 39 MPG combined,* and offering thoughtful refinements like power-folding heated rear seats, the NX 350h is designed around—and for—you.



Completely reimagined for 2023, the RX Hybrid offers an uncompromising vision of style, luxury and performance. Delivering refined comfort and nimble handling, its design captivates with its sleeker profile, more powerful stance, and inviting, driver-focused cabin.


RX 500h

The first-ever RX 500h F SPORT Performance is engineered to take exhilaration to even greater heights. Boasting 366 total-system horsepower* and the invigorating DIRECT4 all-wheel drive system—the result is a hybrid that does more than run the show. It stops it.



Featuring a spacious and inviting cabin with class-leading rear legroom,* and an impressive EPA-estimated 44-MPG combined rating,* the ES Hybrid isn’t just the most fuel-efficient Lexus sedan ever, it’s the most fuel-efficient among all non-plug-in luxury vehicles, period.



Experience where efficiency and luxury meet unprecedented convenience. With a distinctive design and unconventional craftsmanship, the LS Hybrid raises the bar with available Lexus Teammate™,* including Advanced Drive* and Advanced Park* capability. This is advanced driving assistance technology so revolutionary it will change how you think about driving.



This is more than a car, it’s a feeling. While embraced in a driver’s seat that required at least 50 prototypes to achieve the ideal driving posture, experience the combination of thrilling response off the line with the instinctive feel of a 10-speed transmission.



With its 0–60 time of only 6.0 seconds,* this is the fastest and most powerful NX ever. With an all-electric EPA-estimated driving range of 37 miles,* the NX PHEV is as exhilarating as it is extraordinary. Limited availability. See your preferred Lexus dealer for details.



This is where a vision of a more sustainable future meets sleek lines and power, as only Lexus could imagine. The first-ever fully electric Lexus, the RZ 450e exhilarates with DIRECT4 all-wheel drive and inspires with premium touches throughout the cabin. Arriving early 2023.

Your Driving Experience, Electrified

Incomparable Craftsmanship

Whatever the source of power, Lexus vehicles are meticulously designed to connect the driver to the vehicle like nothing else. Features are placed right where you’d expect them to be and artfully arranged to help keep your focus on the road ahead. Combined with an ownership experience that’s second to none, an electrified Lexus is crafted to the highest standard of all: yours.

Seamless Acceleration

Electrified Lexus vehicles offer an advantage you’ll feel in an instant. Powerful electric motors operate alone or, with hybrids, combine with a gas engine to deliver immediate torque and seamless acceleration off the line. The result is an exhilarating and surprisingly smooth, quiet ride.

Direct4 AWD Handling

With the ability to reflexively adapt drive torque to all four wheels for the best driving posture, DIRECT4, the core technology of the RZ and RX 500h F SPORT Performance, is an all-wheel drive system that achieves a quick and linear response according to driver input.

Lexus Interior Front
Seamless Acceleration
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Charging Made Easy

Home Charging

At Home

Charging your plug-in Lexus is simple. While Level 1 charging is as easy as plugging into any household outlet, a quicker Level 2 charger can be easily installed at home. To make the routine process of upgrading to a Level 2 as convenient as possible, Lexus will soon be able to provide resources to help you choose a home charger and licensed electrician to install what you need.

On the go Charging

On The Go

With more than 50,000 charging ports currently supporting Level 2 and DC Fast Charging across the country, charging on the go is more convenient than ever. For greater peace of mind, use the Lexus app to help make finding their locations even easier.


Level 1 Charging

Any Outlet

Requiring no additional installation, Level 1 charging* is as simple as plugging your phone or laptop into a standard 120-volt household outlet. Averaging up to four miles of replenished range per hour that it’s plugged in,* this more leisurely charging method is ideal if you have a short commute.

Electric & Plug-In Hybrid

Level 2 Charging

Home + Public

Like many large appliances in your home, these faster chargers require a 240-volt outlet. Installed in your home by a licensed electrician and also frequently located in public charging stations, Level 2 chargers offer the added flexibility of charging at home or when out and about.

Electric & Plug-In Hybrid

Level 3 Charging


Replenishing your range as quickly as up to 3 miles per minute in ideal conditions,* this can be the fastest way to charge. Level 3 chargers use direct current, or DC, instead of alternating current, or AC power. Currently, DC Fast Chargers are only available at public charging stations.

Electric Only


The advantages of an electrified Lexus go beyond exclusive Lexus owner benefits and the experience behind the wheel. Fully electric Lexus vehicles are also expected to benefit from lower overall service and maintenance costs. And, the regenerative braking system found in Lexus hybrids and plug-in hybrids can translate to reduced wear and tear on brake pads.

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Save On More Than Fuel

Enhanced fuel efficiency and potentially lower maintenance costs are only the beginning. Your Lexus plug-in hybrid electric or battery electric vehicle may also qualify for a state tax credit.

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The Lexus app makes the experience of owning an all-electric or plug-in hybrid Lexus even more rewarding. Keep track of your charge status, opt-in to offset the charging of your BEV–or PHEV where applicable*–with 100% renewable energy, find the nearest public charging station and more—for added peace of mind while on the go.


Since transforming the industry in 2005 with the world’s first luxury vehicle to pair an already potent gasoline engine with a powerful electric motor and a self-charging battery, Lexus has continued to be at the forefront of pioneering electrification in the luxury market. With over 2 million electrified models on the road, we’ve not only continued to drive CO2 emissions down. We’ve driven the future of mobility forward for everyone.

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Low Or Zero Emissions

Each Lexus electrified vehicle has been certified as an Ultra-Low, Super Ultra-Low, Partial-Zero Emission, or Zero Emission Vehicle. By reducing CO2 emissions when compared to conventional vehicles, Lexus electrified vehicles can help lessen our impact on the environment.

Lexus Charging

Clean Assist

Reducing your carbon footprint has never been easier, or less expensive, thanks to the complimentary Clean Assist program. Clean Assist enables owners of battery-electric Lexus vehicles nationwide and owners of plug-in-hybrid electric Lexus vehicles in California to offset their vehicle charging with 100% renewable energy.

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